Workshops & Labs

Join us for up to two hours and work closely in a Greek or Hebrew text for only $10!

Reading Workshops

Are you a pastor and want to refresh your biblical languages? A seminary student who needs some extra help? Or maybe you simply enjoy reading Greek and Hebrew and want to improve your knowledge? Our Reading Workshops are for you! Few things are as effective as sitting down and working slowly through a biblical text in its original language.

At a Bibling Reading Workshop, you can meet with an expert for up to 2 hours and work slowly and closely through an entire chapter of the Bible! We review syntax, parse grammatical form, address important issues, and even look at discourse structure. There is nothing more effective as a student of the biblical languages than to participate in guided reading with an expert.

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Exegesis Labs

Preaching cannot be expository when sermons are blind to the objective of the text, which is difficult to determine when you are interpreting an interpretation. Learning the biblical languages allows your sermon text to be transparent and for you to work on the text in the exact shape & form its author intended.

But how do you preach sermons richly-informed by their Greek and Hebrew source? How do you exegete a text closely and determine its main point? Our seminaries and churches often fail to connect what happens in Greek and Hebrew grammar courses with the process of creating richly exegetical sermons. Our Exegesis Labs move from a Greek or Hebrew text to a sermon outline richly-informed by the grammar and syntax of the source in two hours. This is a fantastic opportunity to ‘apprentice’ with an instructor as they demonstrate how they would exegete a text, determine its main point, and construct a sermon whose structure and content is informed by the original language.

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