Paid via PayPal and due prior to the first lesson of each renewal period (either monthly or by the hour). Instructors will invoice students individually. Students cannot attend their session until fees are paid. All paid fees are nonrefundable. 


We honor referrals with 25% off the next fee paid (either monthly or hourly) when the referred student enrolls. This applies to each referral for individual students. It also applies to entire cohorts (e.g. if you and two friends sign up together, we apply a 25% pro-rata to the entire cohort for the first month).


Students are welcome to cancel at any time. However, we are unable to offer refunds for fees paid.


Changed meeting times are subject to the instructor’s availability and/or depend on an unanimous vote from the cohort. Instructors may reschedule missed lessons at their discretion and according to their availability. All paid fees are nonrefundable.


Not here! Students are welcome to unenroll at any time.

Returning Students

Students who cancel but choose soon thereafter to re-enroll will be accommodated to our best ability. However, we cannot guarantee the student’s original cohort.

Changing Cohorts

Students are welcome to change cohorts for personal reasons as long as space is available and the cohort is one of similar skill level.


Our sincerest desire is to serve you well. We welcome any and all feedback from our students so we can provide the best instruction possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us with feedback.


BibLing does not currently offer certificates of completion that are transferrable to an institution as credit. However, students should certainly inquire with their institution about advanced placement in language courses on the basis of their work with BibLing (usually a competency exam). When needed, we are happy to provide letters of recommendation or certificates of completion stating the content learned.