Seminaries, Colleges, Denominations, Local Churches, Missions Agencies…

Between the church and the seminary is an underserved population. They want to learn to read the Bible in its original languages but they cannot go to seminary. They may even need to meet qualifications in these languages to prepare for ordination exams or organizational placement. BibLing exists to fill this gap. We want world-class training in biblical languages to be accessible and affordable for everyone. That’s why we partner with institutions.

What does a partnership look like?

Western Institutions

We offer a bulk discount for personalized, private tutoring for up to 10 students at a time. For professors, this time can be guided by the needs of the syllabus. For denominations, churches, and ministry leaders, this can be an effective way of educating a group of ordinands to meet qualifications in these languages (training programs, ordination, Bible translation, etc).

Majority World

We’re passionate about serving the world church. The pricing in USD reflects our relationship with Western institutions. We understand many leaders and students from the majority world cannot afford this price. We believe we have the privilege of partnering with seminaries, Bible colleges, and churches from the majority world at a rate that blesses them. We have two offerings for the world church:

(1) Cohort instruction and tutoring in either English or another foreign language (e.g. Spanish) with fees adjusted to the economic level of each country.

(2) Personalized biblical language instruction and training for leaders and teachers in seminaries and Bible colleges.


What We Offer

Bulk discounts for personalized, private tutoring from instructors with years of experience and expertise.

Why It’s Effective

Our academic research focuses on all aspects of these languages and our pedagogical methods are based on the latest research in second language acquisition. We offer an unbeatable program at an extraordinary price to help your organization grow leaders, teachers, and translators.