Our Program

Text-Driven, Text-Immersive

What is different about Bibling?

We want you to do more than use these languages – we want you to love them. That’s why we use the best and latest research in second language acquisition to make the experience of our students as effective and enjoyable as possible. Bibling is not our business. It’s our passion.

We begin with the text of the Bible in its original languages and we learn to read and speak these languages as we learn to read the Bible. Our approach is not focused on reproducing paradigms or memorizing arcane rules for accentuation. Why? Because no one learns their native language by memorizing these things. We learn by using language in an immersive setting. Since we can’t visit David’s kingdom or vacation in Ptolemaic Egypt, we believe a text-driven, text-immersive approach that treats Greek and Hebrew as real languages is the best way to learn today.

There are a lot of biblical language tutors out there. I have tried quite a few. Do yourself a favor and put BibLing at the top of your list. I couldn’t be more pleased. Excellent instruction. Highest recommendation.


The Bibling difference is that we put you in the text as early and as often as possible so that you learn biblical Greek and Hebrew through immersion in real texts from the Bible.

What else?

We don’t rely on recorded content! You can find videos on Youtube. What we offer is concentrated personal mentorship from trusted experts where each session is tailored to your needs and goals as a student. By joining Bibling, you become apart of a community where everyone is working toward the same goal: the first moment you finish a book of the Bible in its original language.


Day one begins in John 1:1. You’ll gain a broad reading foundation in Greek by working through John 1-3. This approach gets you into the text in Greek immediately. At the end, you know more than how to reproduce paradigms. You know how to read from the gospel of John in Greek!

What can you expect to accomplish? More than you thought was possible! Not only will you have a broad reading knowledge of the Greek Bible, but you’ll also have a solid foundation to build on as you continue studying Greek (hopefully with us!).


Day one begins in Jonah 1:1. You’ll read Hebrew prose and even some poetry as you follow Jonah into the whale (in Hebrew it’s just a fish!). By the end of the cohort, you will have worked through your first book in its original language.

What can you expect to accomplish? Not only a reading knowledge of the Old Testament, but a solid foundation to build on as you continue studying Hebrew (hopefully with us!). Remember: most of the Bible is written in Hebrew!


Although there’s not much of it (about 260 verses), you can’t read the Bible in its original languages without reading Aramaic. Join us and learn to read the Aramaic of Ezra and Daniel as you also learn other literature (e.g. Targums) and dialects (e.g. Syriac).

Reading Workshops

“An hour a week! Is that really enough?” Of course not! We host monthly workshops to help you grow outside cohort meetings. BibLing is more than instruction. It’s a community. Bring your Bible, relax, and grow alongside other students as you work through the Bible in its original languages. Expect to see Greek outside the New Testament (including papyri!) and Hebrew beyond Jonah. We might even throw in some rare non-biblical Hebrew too!

Exegesis Labs

A huge gap in our teaching of the biblical languages that seminarians are not trained to move from text to sermon. Preaching cannot be expository when sermons are blind to the language of the text. Our Exegesis Labs are an opportunity for pastors and seminarians to ‘apprentice’ with an instructor as they demonstrate how to move from a sermon text to a sermon outline richly-informed by the original languages.