New to the biblical languages?

Learn to read Greek and Hebrew in only one year.
Pay less than a single class in seminary.

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Develop reading skills by working through entire books.
Learn advanced grammar and linguistics.
Get vocational training for preaching, teaching, and exegesis.
Have you spent years studying the biblical languages only to struggle to read actual Greek and Hebrew texts?
Do you want to start your journey as a student but don’t know where to begin?

We exist to provide the most effective, efficient, and affordable education possible in the biblical languages. It’s simple: We start with the biblical text, use cutting-edge research, and tailor the content and experience to you. No frills, no gimmicks, no recordings.

“Travis is a great teacher. He goes at your pace but consistently challenges you to grow in your understanding. I highly recommend him.”


Who We Are

A team of biblical linguists from top universities with a passion for revitalizing education in the biblical languages. We want to see you to do more than use these languages – we want you to love them.

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“Andrew is a very knowledgeable and patient teacher. He also seems to have an endless supply of resources beneficial to any student of these languages.”



Tailored training + unlimited access to our reading workshops & exegesis labs


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Per month


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Founded by two Cambridge PhD students, BibLing is an efficient, effective, text-driven way to learn to read the Bible in its original languages.


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What our students say

There are a lot of biblical language tutors out there. I have tried quite a few. Do yourself a favor and put BibLing at the top of your list. I couldn’t be more pleased. Excellent instruction. Highest recommendation.


“I highly recommend [Bibling]. For a much more reasonable price than a seminary course, [Bibling] will give you an education that will be tailored to your learning style and aptitude.”


“Absolute best investment in learning the biblical languages I’ve ever made, surpassing any software or class. I’m seeing sentences unfold before my eyes.”


“I highly recommend [Bibling] to people who have a desire to study New Testament Greek.”


Brilliant approach!