Learn to read biblical Greek and Hebrew in one year. Pay less than a single class in seminary.

What We Do

We help students gain a foundation in biblical Greek and Hebrew in only one year through small cohorts, private tutoring, and reading groups. No frills, no gimmicks, no recordings. Our program is text-driven, text-immersive, and centered around live personal mentoring.

You’ll be reading scripture – if not preaching and teaching it – for decades. Why not invest a year and gain a foundation in its original languages?

“Travis is a great teacher. He goes at your pace but consistently challenges you to grow in your understanding. I highly recommend him.”


Who We Are

Two Cambridge PhD students with a passion to help you learn to read your Bible in full color.

“Andrew is a very knowledgeable and patient teacher. He also seems to have an endless supply of resources beneficial to any student of these languages.”



Includes personal instruction + unlimited access to our reading groups


100 USD

Per month


125 USD

Per month


35 USD

Per hour


Founded in 2020 by Travis Wright and Andrew Keenan, BibLing is an efficient, text-driven way to learn to read the Bible in its original languages.


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